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Pasting your Face

Recently, a person on Secondlife asked how they can paste a picture of their face on their avatar. This can be done, but, not as simple as it seems.

First, this person obviously wants to have the avatar look like them, which is a great idea. The problem is that the avatar face is part of the skin. This means that someone would have to create a skin with this person’s features.

Second, what really makes a face is the physical features, such as the shape of the nose, chin, eyes, etc. This is what makes a person unique. A one-of-a-kind. Then it is just a matter of finding a skin with the right complexion, color eyebrow and lips.

There is no software that I know of that will automatically a person’s facial features. The face would have to be sculpted.

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Homely Faces

Just how homely is your avatar? Are you totally nondescript like one of the other 10 million avatars in your virtual world?

There are some shapes and skins that are really good and can give you a nice look. There are many other shapes and skins that give your face a plastic look……..a cyber look.

If that kind of look gives you a warm, fuzzy feeling, then good for you, but, after all, you did join Secondlife, or InWorldZ, or some other Virtual REALITY site to be as real as possible in a cyber world. So, if your avatar looks sort of real, then you are not quite there yet, are you?

Consider this! How about getting Your Face sculpted and applied to your avatar? OK, so you are 40 and you do not want a 40 year old avatar, but, you were a real knockout at 21. Do you still have pictures of yourself at that age?

Maybe you look really good now, but, you would like to have some plastic surgery done to fix that nose you broke ten years ago. No problem.

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Avatar Face, Your Face

Do you remember how you decided on the face for your avatar? Did you try to find a shape and skin that sort of matched you in RL, or did you just end up going with something totally outlandish? Something that was just simply fun.

If you could put your face on your avatar, would you do it? It is now possible to have your face sculpted, with an easy application to your avatar. This could add a whole new dimension to your virtual life.

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Face to Face

Here is a picture of someone you might know. The picture on the right is the sculpted face on an avatar. I think they are fairly close in appearance and would look even better if ambient lighting were the same. What is your opionion? I really would like to know.

This sculpt is not for sale, although the owner of the real face may claim it at her convenience.

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Family Reunion

Having your face sculpted for your avatar can bring about some great opportunities.

In the year 2000, we had a family reunion just outside of Pittsburgh, Pa. Relatives came from as far away as Alaska to be at this event. Allot of travel time and money was spent to have this extravaganza. Many people showed up for this, but others could not attend for various reasons.

Imagine if your relatives and friends met with you  in your favorite virtual world, like Secondlife, or InWorldZ, and they all had their real face on their avatar. You could sit and talk, dance with them, use IM to have private conversations. The next best thing to actually being with them, and you could get together as often as you like. Meet and spend quality time with nieces and nephews you have never had a chance to meet. The possibilities are endless.

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Face it!

Hola, bonjour, dia duit and howdy!!

I would like to talk to you about putting your real life face on your avatar. There are numerous tools at your disposal  to create a great looking avatar, but the one feature that people have not been able to apply is putting their own, real life face on their avatar.

Virtual Reality is generally referred to as Role Playing. Then again, many of us take it more seriously and strive to make our virtual world as real as possible. After all, this is Virtual REALITY.

I am Rocky Greymyst and I love virtual reality. I have been involved in it for over twelve years. During the last couple years, my passion has been sculpting real faces for avatars. Having an avatar with your face opens up a new world of possibilities. I will be posting new blogs on this subject.

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Virtual Worlds, Role Playing and You

Virtual reality means many things to many people. Websites, such as Secondlife and InWorldZ, provide opportunity for you to play the role of a vampire, elf, angel, warrior, king, princess, or even an animal. You can be anything you want to be. This can be great fun!! Many people play the same role for months, or even years. It is also common for people to alter their appearance occasionally by switching to different roles, by using alternate avatars.

Many people are after a more realistic world. Builders and clothing designers make up a large part of this group, and try to create objects that look as real as possible in a virtual world. After all, this is virtual REALITY. People strive to make their world as real as possible and are generally rather successful.
Ultimately, there is one aspect of a your virtual world that is very far from real. Your avatar, your main character, does not resemble you at all. The body shape might look like yours and the skin textures might be a close fit, but there is something still missing. The one feature that distinguishes you from everyone else in the world is your face!!! There is only one of you. People recognize you by your face, not the size of your butt.

Pamita finally had enough of being a non-descript avatar and had me sculpt her real life face for her. Now, when people see Pamita walking down the street in Chile, SA, Secondlife, or InWorldZ, they immediately recognize her. Isn’t she adorable? She looks fabulous in ALL worlds.

My name is Rocky. If you would like more information about having your face sculpted, email me at