Virtual Worlds, Role Playing and You

Virtual reality means many things to many people. Websites, such as Secondlife and InWorldZ, provide opportunity for you to play the role of a vampire, elf, angel, warrior, king, princess, or even an animal. You can be anything you want to be. This can be great fun!! Many people play the same role for months, or even years. It is also common for people to alter their appearance occasionally by switching to different roles, by using alternate avatars.

Many people are after a more realistic world. Builders and clothing designers make up a large part of this group, and try to create objects that look as real as possible in a virtual world. After all, this is virtual REALITY. People strive to make their world as real as possible and are generally rather successful.
Ultimately, there is one aspect of a your virtual world that is very far from real. Your avatar, your main character, does not resemble you at all. The body shape might look like yours and the skin textures might be a close fit, but there is something still missing. The one feature that distinguishes you from everyone else in the world is your face!!! There is only one of you. People recognize you by your face, not the size of your butt.

Pamita finally had enough of being a non-descript avatar and had me sculpt her real life face for her. Now, when people see Pamita walking down the street in Chile, SA, Secondlife, or InWorldZ, they immediately recognize her. Isn’t she adorable? She looks fabulous in ALL worlds.

My name is Rocky. If you would like more information about having your face sculpted, email me at

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