Homely Faces

Just how homely is your avatar? Are you totally nondescript like one of the other 10 million avatars in your virtual world?

There are some shapes and skins that are really good and can give you a nice look. There are many other shapes and skins that give your face a plastic look……..a cyber look.

If that kind of look gives you a warm, fuzzy feeling, then good for you, but, after all, you did join Secondlife, or InWorldZ, or some other Virtual REALITY site to be as real as possible in a cyber world. So, if your avatar looks sort of real, then you are not quite there yet, are you?

Consider this! How about getting Your Face sculpted and applied to your avatar? OK, so you are 40 and you do not want a 40 year old avatar, but, you were a real knockout at 21. Do you still have pictures of yourself at that age?

Maybe you look really good now, but, you would like to have some plastic surgery done to fix that nose you broke ten years ago. No problem.

If you would like more information about having your face sculpted, send me an email at avatar@virtualgif.com


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