Avatar Facelifts

Geez!!   Quick!!

Call in the Plastic Surgeon!!

For those of us that have a avatar on Secondlife, or InWorldZ, these faces are all too familiar. They are Newbies! For those of you that have not joined one of these free virtual world websites, the avatars shown above are some of the free choices you have when you create your initial avatar.

Do not be afraid. You will not have to look like this forever. There are numerous shapes and skins you can buy to alter the appearance of your avatar. You can look like anything you want to be. Except for one thing……..

You can not buy the features of YOUR face for your avatar, but you can have your real life face sculpted and applied to your avatar.

Wouldn’t that be cool? Oh, so you are not totally happy with your face. Maybe you always wanted a higher cheek bone, or you are not very happy about the broken nose you got last year. No problem! Everything can be modified to your satisfaction.

If you would like more information about having your face sculpted, email me at avatar@virtualgif.com


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