Being Real in Virtual Reality

When people join a virtual reality website, such as Secondlife, or InWorldZ,  they can create an avatar that looks like anything they want it to be. It can be great fun being a vampire, gladiator, princess, rabbit, etc. The one thing that becomes a little disconcerting to people is the difficulty in trying to project their own personality through the avatar, a cyber being that in no way resembles the real person. As a result, many people in virtual worlds do not take other people very seriously. It is not always easy to make good friends.

Try something new. Have your real face sculpted and applied to your avatar. Tweak your body parts a bit, to look like you and there you are. Suddenly, YOU are in virtual reality. Now, when you meet someone, you can introduce yourself as the real you. Your avatar face will match your profile picture. This is real credibility!! Suppose your friends and relatives had avatars with their real face. This brings virtual reality to a whole new level!

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