Cyber NEWS of the Year!!!!

The NEWS you have all been waiting for!!!

Avatar Faces new website, Avatar Friends Club, is up and running. A social website for avatars. Now there is a place to go to where you can meet people from all the wirtual websites. Meet people with your own interests, any age group, any roleplay.

Make friends with people on sims you did not even know existed. Then, invite your new friends to meet you in Secondlife, InWorldZ, or any other virtual world. It might be great fun to visit a new virtual world if you have a friend there to show you around.

We have tried to put as many features into the site as we could. This would include live chat, post a blog, submit articles, favorite videos, music or even tell everyone a story. We can also post news articles, or business ads for you.

All of this and meet new friends too!!!!

Because this is a new website, we need support from new members. Please check out Avatar Friends Club. When you signup, use coupon number AF222. This is a free 30 day Premium Membership, which gives you use of all the features.

If you have never been in a virtual world, this is your chance to try it out and have a friend give you a tour. Come on!!!! Be adventurous!!!!

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