This is Yole, writing for Rocky Greymyst.

Ladies have always been on a timeless search for the perfect cosmetics that enhance the individual. Even before the time of the pharoahs.

Through the years, how many hundreds of hours have we spent in stores, trying dozens of makeups, eyeshadow, lipstick, etc? Then you buy it and when you get it in different light, you do not look quite the same. Dang! This kind of thing drives me crazy, and for me, that is a short ride!

A couple years ago, Rocky offered to sculpt my face for my avatar on Secondlife. This became very cool instantly. I could try many kinds of skin tones, mixed with eye makeups and lip colors in all different light levels. Then I print out a picture and take that with me to match colors. Works pretty good.

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Virtual Predators

Virtual worlds provide a wonderful opportunity to have fun and live your fantasies. Unfortunately, there are some people that use bad language, nudity and prey on people, particularly children. As an example, look at these two tiny hamster avatars. There they stand nude and wearing dirty bedroom slippers. Not only that, but they are really scary kitty and bunny slippers.

OK, that is better.

Seriously though, there really are predators in virtual reality, just as there are predators in real life. One main difference is that they are real people in real life, with real punishment, whereas, in virtual reality, people are anonymous. They usually do not use their own name and their avatar looks nothing like them, so, they are free to do what they like with little consequence.

I believe this has a great effect on relationships in VR.  It is not easy to have good, long lasting friendships in RL or VR. In real life, you can watch a person’s facial expressions, body language and listen to the tone of their voice. In VR, all you can go by is the look of their avatar and what they say in text. This can make it rather difficult to give any credibility to the avatar, or the person behind it. Predators have taught people to be wary.

So what can you do? Obviously, you must give credibility to your avatar. How in the world do we do that? If it is easier to deal with people in RL because they see your real body and your real face, then maybe people in VR would warm up to you better if your avatar looked just like you, just like the picture in your profile. All you need to do is have your face sculpted and applied to your avatar. Shape the avatar body to yours, get some hair and skin that closely resembles you and there you are. You are you!

“No matter where you go, there you are”

Isn’t that the truth? So, you do not think you want your 35 year old face on your avatar. But, you were a real knockout when you were 21. You are you at 35 and you were you at 21. So get your 21 year old face sculpted. It is still you and you are still being honest.

Credits: I would like to thank Yole Charisma and Pamela Charisma for wearing their Tiny avatars for the pictures. I had a terrible time getting them to pose nude. I hope this does not make me a predator. LOLOL

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Being Real in Virtual Reality

When people join a virtual reality website, such as Secondlife, or InWorldZ,  they can create an avatar that looks like anything they want it to be. It can be great fun being a vampire, gladiator, princess, rabbit, etc. The one thing that becomes a little disconcerting to people is the difficulty in trying to project their own personality through the avatar, a cyber being that in no way resembles the real person. As a result, many people in virtual worlds do not take other people very seriously. It is not always easy to make good friends.

Try something new. Have your real face sculpted and applied to your avatar. Tweak your body parts a bit, to look like you and there you are. Suddenly, YOU are in virtual reality. Now, when you meet someone, you can introduce yourself as the real you. Your avatar face will match your profile picture. This is real credibility!! Suppose your friends and relatives had avatars with their real face. This brings virtual reality to a whole new level!

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Avatar Facelifts

Geez!!   Quick!!

Call in the Plastic Surgeon!!

For those of us that have a avatar on Secondlife, or InWorldZ, these faces are all too familiar. They are Newbies! For those of you that have not joined one of these free virtual world websites, the avatars shown above are some of the free choices you have when you create your initial avatar.

Do not be afraid. You will not have to look like this forever. There are numerous shapes and skins you can buy to alter the appearance of your avatar. You can look like anything you want to be. Except for one thing……..

You can not buy the features of YOUR face for your avatar, but you can have your real life face sculpted and applied to your avatar.

Wouldn’t that be cool? Oh, so you are not totally happy with your face. Maybe you always wanted a higher cheek bone, or you are not very happy about the broken nose you got last year. No problem! Everything can be modified to your satisfaction.

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Happy New Year

I would like to wish all of you a Happy New Year!!!

Being that this is a new year, perhaps it is time to get a new face for your avatar. Your Face.

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Have a great Year!!!

Pasting your Face

Recently, a person on Secondlife asked how they can paste a picture of their face on their avatar. This can be done, but, not as simple as it seems.

First, this person obviously wants to have the avatar look like them, which is a great idea. The problem is that the avatar face is part of the skin. This means that someone would have to create a skin with this person’s features.

Second, what really makes a face is the physical features, such as the shape of the nose, chin, eyes, etc. This is what makes a person unique. A one-of-a-kind. Then it is just a matter of finding a skin with the right complexion, color eyebrow and lips.

There is no software that I know of that will automatically a person’s facial features. The face would have to be sculpted.

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Homely Faces

Just how homely is your avatar? Are you totally nondescript like one of the other 10 million avatars in your virtual world?

There are some shapes and skins that are really good and can give you a nice look. There are many other shapes and skins that give your face a plastic look……..a cyber look.

If that kind of look gives you a warm, fuzzy feeling, then good for you, but, after all, you did join Secondlife, or InWorldZ, or some other Virtual REALITY site to be as real as possible in a cyber world. So, if your avatar looks sort of real, then you are not quite there yet, are you?

Consider this! How about getting Your Face sculpted and applied to your avatar? OK, so you are 40 and you do not want a 40 year old avatar, but, you were a real knockout at 21. Do you still have pictures of yourself at that age?

Maybe you look really good now, but, you would like to have some plastic surgery done to fix that nose you broke ten years ago. No problem.

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