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Tiny Avatars

This is Yole again, writing for Rocky Greymyst, to talk about Tiny Avatars.

Tiny avatars are about one quarter the height of a human avatar. They are just cutsie little critters.  I have a regular, human avatar, but this is my alter ego. I am the one on the right. Pamita is the one on the left. You can be a hamster, cat, tiger, bunny rabbit, puppy and other choices.

Every so often, things get boring and it is time for a little change, a little fun. So, I switch from my human avatar to my tiny avatar. It is simple to do, just take one click of the mouse and you are tiny. Pamita says she likes her tiny avatar because it is not necessary to have a great body, or to be beautiful. Just have fun!

It is really hard to describe, but it is absolutely the most funny thing you have ever seen when you watch a tiny running, taking little steps with the feet moving 100 mph to move one meter. If you want to really have the time of your life, go to a tiny dance party. You don’t know what a good time is until you go to one.

It does not cost you anything but time if you want to see a tiny in action. Join InWorldZ.com, it is free. They will give you an awful looking avatar, but that does not matter. Also, email me and I will set up a time to meet you in InWorlsZ so I can show you my avatar. There is usually a tiny dance party on saturday night. Come take a look, just for fun.



Virtual dance club

This is Yole, writing for Rocky Greymyst.

Have you ever been to a virtual dance club?  When is the last time you went out dancing in real life?  In the picture above, I am on the lsft and my friend Lyly, a Secondlife supermodel, is on the right. We are dancing at the Tropicana Dance Club in Secondlife. It is a latin club where I go to dance salsa and lambada. Of course there are al sorts of other clubs with different music.

If you have never been to a virtual world, you simply must try it. It is a great way to do something totally different and fun. Joining is free and you can shop till you drop looking for clothes for your avatar. There are hundreds of free outfits to choose from. Then go out and get a skin that matches your tone and top it off with a great hairdo.

Now you are ready to go dancing. Be prepared to meet interesting people from all over the world. For about one dollar you can get a language translator that works both ways. Just type your text and it translates.

What? You are not a good dancer? It does not matter. Every dance club has animations you can use. You will be absolutely amazed and astounded at how wonderful the dance movements are. You will look great!!!!

If you want to go one step further, get your real life face sculpted and put it on your avatar.

If you want more information about having your face sculpted, email me at: yole@virtualgif.com