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Don’t you just love a sunset?

Of course a sunrise works well also. But, whether it is sunrise, sunset, or noon, it is still nice to just sit there on the beach, listen to the sound of the surf and your favorite music, thinking of absolutely nothing at all. Just loving it. I live right near the beach, so I am rather fortunate.

For those of you that live inland, there is still a way to do the same thing. All you need to do is come visit my tropical island in InWorldZ. The picture above is my friend Pamita and I, sitting on the beach, watching a sunset, listening to the surf, watching the water roll in and listening to a little Salsa music. The only difference is that you can’t feel the sand between your toes. But, now that I think about it, you could put a pan with sand and some water on the floor, beneath your computer. Then, with a teeny bit of imagination, you are on the beach. I like that. I think I’ll try it. hehehehe

Watching a sunset can be a nice way to relax. You should give it a try. It doesn’t cost anything. FREE is a pretty good deal.

This is Yole, writing for Rocky Greymyst who is traveling on business. Have a great day!!



This is Yole again, writing for Rocky Greymyst, who is away on business.

This is a picture of Lyly, a verygood friend of mine in Secondlife for a long time. She is from El Salvador, but lives in Virginia, USA now.

Lyly has trained for modeling in Secondlife at one of the best schools and has her masters. She has attained the status of Supermodel.

Have you ever wanted to be a model? Most of us just simply do not have the body for it in real life. Many of us look great, but not quite good enough to be professional. Fortunately, this is not enough to stop us from being a model and looking absolutely fabulous.

If you join Secondlife, which is free, you can turn yourself into a supermodel too. If you have never been in a virtual world this might seem a little hard to imagine. Nevertheless, if you want to have some real fun, give it a try. You can always get in touch with Lyly, or me to get advise.

If you really want to get into your model avatar, you can have Rocky sculpt your real life face and apply it to your avatar. Is that cool, or what??!!

If you would like more information, email me at: yole@virtualgif.com


This is Yole, writing for Rocky Greymyst.

Going shopping and trying on dozens of outfits is always fun, except when you have to pay for them. Ouch!!! Don’t you just hate hanging something back on the rack and going home without it?

How would you like to have a movie star wardrobe for about $20? Really!! If you go to a virtual reality website like Secondlife, or InWorldZ, you can have your own avatar and go out on a shopping spree that will keep you busy for weeks and never go out the door. This could be lots more fun than dragging the kids through the stores. There are thousands of free outfits to buy and if you like something that costs real money, it might be as little as 25 cents.

Then, when you find some great outfits, go to a club and dance to some rock & roll, or salsa. You would not believe the great dance animations for avatars.  The moves are fantastic!!

The next thing you might want to do on your virtual excursion, is to make your avatar look like you. How cool is that? Get your real face sculpted and applied to your avatar, make your body the way you like it and you are now living in virtual reality.

If you would like more information about having your face sculpted, email Rocky at:


Avatar Face, Your Face

Do you remember how you decided on the face for your avatar? Did you try to find a shape and skin that sort of matched you in RL, or did you just end up going with something totally outlandish? Something that was just simply fun.

If you could put your face on your avatar, would you do it? It is now possible to have your face sculpted, with an easy application to your avatar. This could add a whole new dimension to your virtual life.

If you would like to have more information about having your face sculpted, email me at avatar@virtualgif.com

Face to Face

Here is a picture of someone you might know. The picture on the right is the sculpted face on an avatar. I think they are fairly close in appearance and would look even better if ambient lighting were the same. What is your opionion? I really would like to know.

This sculpt is not for sale, although the owner of the real face may claim it at her convenience.

If you would like more information about having your face sculpted, Please email me at avatar@virtualgif.com

Family Reunion

Having your face sculpted for your avatar can bring about some great opportunities.

In the year 2000, we had a family reunion just outside of Pittsburgh, Pa. Relatives came from as far away as Alaska to be at this event. Allot of travel time and money was spent to have this extravaganza. Many people showed up for this, but others could not attend for various reasons.

Imagine if your relatives and friends met with you  in your favorite virtual world, like Secondlife, or InWorldZ, and they all had their real face on their avatar. You could sit and talk, dance with them, use IM to have private conversations. The next best thing to actually being with them, and you could get together as often as you like. Meet and spend quality time with nieces and nephews you have never had a chance to meet. The possibilities are endless.

If you would like more information about having your face sculpted, Please email me at avatar@virtualgif.com

Face it!

Hola, bonjour, dia duit and howdy!!

I would like to talk to you about putting your real life face on your avatar. There are numerous tools at your disposal  to create a great looking avatar, but the one feature that people have not been able to apply is putting their own, real life face on their avatar.

Virtual Reality is generally referred to as Role Playing. Then again, many of us take it more seriously and strive to make our virtual world as real as possible. After all, this is Virtual REALITY.

I am Rocky Greymyst and I love virtual reality. I have been involved in it for over twelve years. During the last couple years, my passion has been sculpting real faces for avatars. Having an avatar with your face opens up a new world of possibilities. I will be posting new blogs on this subject.

If you would like more information about having your face sculpted, please email me at avatar@virtualgif.com