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Cyber NEWS of the Year!!!!

The NEWS you have all been waiting for!!!

Avatar Faces new website, Avatar Friends Club, is up and running. A social website for avatars. Now there is a place to go to where you can meet people from all the wirtual websites. Meet people with your own interests, any age group, any roleplay.

Make friends with people on sims you did not even know existed. Then, invite your new friends to meet you in Secondlife, InWorldZ, or any other virtual world. It might be great fun to visit a new virtual world if you have a friend there to show you around.

We have tried to put as many features into the site as we could. This would include live chat, post a blog, submit articles, favorite videos, music or even tell everyone a story. We can also post news articles, or business ads for you.

All of this and meet new friends too!!!!

Because this is a new website, we need support from new members. Please check out Avatar Friends Club. When you signup, use coupon number AF222. This is a free 30 day Premium Membership, which gives you use of all the features.

If you have never been in a virtual world, this is your chance to try it out and have a friend give you a tour. Come on!!!! Be adventurous!!!!



Tiny Avatars

This is Yole again, writing for Rocky Greymyst, to talk about Tiny Avatars.

Tiny avatars are about one quarter the height of a human avatar. They are just cutsie little critters.  I have a regular, human avatar, but this is my alter ego. I am the one on the right. Pamita is the one on the left. You can be a hamster, cat, tiger, bunny rabbit, puppy and other choices.

Every so often, things get boring and it is time for a little change, a little fun. So, I switch from my human avatar to my tiny avatar. It is simple to do, just take one click of the mouse and you are tiny. Pamita says she likes her tiny avatar because it is not necessary to have a great body, or to be beautiful. Just have fun!

It is really hard to describe, but it is absolutely the most funny thing you have ever seen when you watch a tiny running, taking little steps with the feet moving 100 mph to move one meter. If you want to really have the time of your life, go to a tiny dance party. You don’t know what a good time is until you go to one.

It does not cost you anything but time if you want to see a tiny in action. Join InWorldZ.com, it is free. They will give you an awful looking avatar, but that does not matter. Also, email me and I will set up a time to meet you in InWorlsZ so I can show you my avatar. There is usually a tiny dance party on saturday night. Come take a look, just for fun.



Don’t you just love a sunset?

Of course a sunrise works well also. But, whether it is sunrise, sunset, or noon, it is still nice to just sit there on the beach, listen to the sound of the surf and your favorite music, thinking of absolutely nothing at all. Just loving it. I live right near the beach, so I am rather fortunate.

For those of you that live inland, there is still a way to do the same thing. All you need to do is come visit my tropical island in InWorldZ. The picture above is my friend Pamita and I, sitting on the beach, watching a sunset, listening to the surf, watching the water roll in and listening to a little Salsa music. The only difference is that you can’t feel the sand between your toes. But, now that I think about it, you could put a pan with sand and some water on the floor, beneath your computer. Then, with a teeny bit of imagination, you are on the beach. I like that. I think I’ll try it. hehehehe

Watching a sunset can be a nice way to relax. You should give it a try. It doesn’t cost anything. FREE is a pretty good deal.

This is Yole, writing for Rocky Greymyst who is traveling on business. Have a great day!!

Finding New Friends

Finding new friends is difficult in real life.  I mean, you can’t just walk up to someone and ask if they want to be your friend. Imagine a guy approaching a woman in a mall and just start talking to her. Wow! He would probably get arrested.  LOLOL

Then there is the sad part. The person who could be your very best lifetime friend, or lover, lives 1,000 miles away and you will never know they are alive. I guess one of the best things to happen is having dating websites. At least you have an opportunity to meet people, although, that does not guarantee that the people you meet online are being truthful about themselves. I suppose that is also true in everyday life.

Finding new friends in a virtual world, like Secondlife, or InWorldZ, is a little easier. At least there are alternatives to dealing with unwanted advances by people. You can mute them, ban them, or you can just teleport away. One thing that does not change is the problem of meeting people that are right for you. These virtual worlds are comparatively just as large as the earth. There is sims that are dedicated to a particular city, or country.

One terrific thing about virtual worlds is that you can obtain language translators for text that can be set to translate between as many as 57 languages. You could communicate using English to French, Spanish to German, or any combination. Just type in your text and the person on the other end receives your message in their language, and when they reply, their message automatically translates to your language. Pretty cool. huh?

I have some news for you. We are about to start running a avatar dating website which will be up and running this week. Of course, you would not have to be looking for a date. This site will help people to meet and make friends all over Secondlife and InWorldZ. I will post more information about the site later this week. I think it will be great fun for everyone finding new friends.

Ohh! I forgot!!! This is Yole, writing for Rocky Greymyst while he travels on business. The picture is me in Secondlife.

Gotta go now. Big hug and see you online.


This is Yole again, writing for Rocky Greymyst, who is away on business.

This is a picture of Lyly, a verygood friend of mine in Secondlife for a long time. She is from El Salvador, but lives in Virginia, USA now.

Lyly has trained for modeling in Secondlife at one of the best schools and has her masters. She has attained the status of Supermodel.

Have you ever wanted to be a model? Most of us just simply do not have the body for it in real life. Many of us look great, but not quite good enough to be professional. Fortunately, this is not enough to stop us from being a model and looking absolutely fabulous.

If you join Secondlife, which is free, you can turn yourself into a supermodel too. If you have never been in a virtual world this might seem a little hard to imagine. Nevertheless, if you want to have some real fun, give it a try. You can always get in touch with Lyly, or me to get advise.

If you really want to get into your model avatar, you can have Rocky sculpt your real life face and apply it to your avatar. Is that cool, or what??!!

If you would like more information, email me at: yole@virtualgif.com

Being Real in Virtual Reality

When people join a virtual reality website, such as Secondlife, or InWorldZ,  they can create an avatar that looks like anything they want it to be. It can be great fun being a vampire, gladiator, princess, rabbit, etc. The one thing that becomes a little disconcerting to people is the difficulty in trying to project their own personality through the avatar, a cyber being that in no way resembles the real person. As a result, many people in virtual worlds do not take other people very seriously. It is not always easy to make good friends.

Try something new. Have your real face sculpted and applied to your avatar. Tweak your body parts a bit, to look like you and there you are. Suddenly, YOU are in virtual reality. Now, when you meet someone, you can introduce yourself as the real you. Your avatar face will match your profile picture. This is real credibility!! Suppose your friends and relatives had avatars with their real face. This brings virtual reality to a whole new level!

If you would like more information, email me at avatar@virtualgif.com